Smoke Signals

My Dad used to smoke cigars…It’s one of my memories of him.

About a year after he passed, I’ll never forget sitting on a bench outside meditating with no one around when the smell of cigars brought me out of meditation! I looked around, not one person was in sight. I was thinking, “who is smoking that right next to me- that’s rude” as I came out of my daze. I realized I was smelling my Dad- that’s right, he had paid me a visit that day in the park.

Since that day, whenever I smell cigars around me I know he’s visiting me.
Has this happened to you? Have you smelled a loved one’s perfume or soap they wore? The smell would be sudden, out of no where, with no one around.

For example, you could smell cigarettes in an elevator and no one is in there with you…

This phenomenon is called “Clairolfactance: The act of smelling in the third eye”.

The other crazy fact is you may be the only one smelling it- as your 6th sense is picking it up, not any one else that may be there.

Honestly, though,, it mostly happens when you are alone.

So, if this happens to you, you are just getting a “smoke signal” from heaven someone up there is trying to talk to you.

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