Medium & Channel to the Angels

Debbie Johnson is a medium who has been working with the angelic realm and clients all over the world for over 18 years. She brings messages from your angels to you by channeling Archangels, passed loved ones, spirit guides, and healing.

Debbie’s Mission

“My JOB…is to help you hear what your angels are trying to tell you so that you can understand how they are talking to you.”

“My GOAL…is to help you hear them better on your own. The more we understand how the spirit world communicates, the more we can access this wisdom on our own in our daily lives.”

“My DREAM…is to inspire every soul I can to listen to their heart without question and in doing so, raise the overall vibration and joy of the planet.”.

A Medium vs A Psychic

You might be wondering if it would be better to consult a medium or a psychic for your spiritual healing needs. There is a distinct difference. Though a medium is also considered a psychic, a psychic is not always a medium. A regular psychic cannot tap into the spiritual or Angelic realm, and therefore can only read the energy of the subject themselves. A medium, meanwhile, takes the process a step further, with the ability to tune in not just to the subject’s own energy, but to the spiritual energy around the subject, often in the form of passed on souls who were important to the subject in life, spirit guides, and even Angels.

How Do Mediums Do It?

Mediums tap into the spiritual energy surrounding a subject, allowing them to communicate with both the physical side and the spiritual side. Often this energy comes in the forms of spiritual beings, be it the passed-on souls of other humans, animals, spirit guides, or sometimes even Angels. The medium is able to commune with these spirits, and pass on the message the spirits want to give to the subject. This can be done in a number of ways. Some mediums can mentally “hear” the voices of the spirits, sometimes they can mentally “see” the spirit, or the message they are trying to send, as well mentally “knowing”, and/or “feeling” the messages of the other side. Some mediums specialize in one of these abilities, others several.

What Kind of Medium is Debbie Johnson?

The ability to speak to the Angelic Realm is a particularly unique skill. That’s what makes Debbie Johnson different from other mediums in Miami. Angels are beings who have not had a human life. Debbie Johnson of Angelic Messages in particular often hears from Archangels. She primarily uses the process of clairaudience (or mentally “hearing” the messages) from Angels and spirits, sometimes even tapping into their own point of the room, “seeing” what they see. Debbie uses this gift to speak to the spirits of passed loved ones of her subjects, and to Archangels, to be the bridge between the two parties. As she does this, she also hears healing frequencies from the Angelic Realm, that are then conveyed through her own voice onto the subject. Through her services, many of Debbie Johnson’s have achieved spiritual healing and learned what their loved ones want them to know. Visit the session’s page to book.

Get Clarity with an ANGEL READING

Debbie Johnson is one of the few mediums in Miami who can connect with the Angelic Realm. This means that she can communicate with Angels who want to help and guide human souls on earth. Angel Cards are the primary tool used for accessing this energy from Angelic beings, their messages conveyed through the interpretation of the cards pulled. These sessions aim to provide both insight to the issue or question you are asking about, guidance towards a solution, as well as encouragement to proceed down this path.

New Music!

777hz Angelic Consciousness Awakening

Healing Music


Ok here we go- this is hard to put into words, but I feel if I explain what I see during acommunication from the other side, it will help those of you understand your own visits from your loved ones.

When a soul starts to communicate from behind the veil, my vision splits. I see the real world and my desk and my window, but I also see a whole other “screen” somewhat to the side of the “earthly screen”. So I’ll call them “heavenly screen” and “earth screen”. Imagine seeing out the window while you’re watching a television in front of the window.

I also feel as if I’m dreaming, but I know I’m awake and have no concept of time when both “screens” are playing. My ears hear the same way. I hear the voice on the phone along with my own voice, but then there is another “speaker” over to the right side of me with a voice from the heavens.

That same soul will often begin to show what they see through their eyes in the “heavenly screen”, so I stop seeing them for a moment and see what they see!

The room around them, the colors and objects they are near as they are within 8 feet of their family member. The “heavenly screen” will sometimes show memories of visual pictures for me to relay of their favorite times- I feel they do this to confirm who they are. The screen will continue to interchange from my vision of them, their vision, and images they want to share several times. It’s as if the “heavenly screen” has different windows to open.

Honestly, the whole thing feels dreamlike and then I can feel them leave and the pictures stop and the “earth screen” is all I see…

Have you felt this way?

But thought you made it up?

The Angels say you didn’t…

It was real.

Sleep Better with HEALING MUSIC

Did you know that sound can heal? Sometimes even faster than the human touch…

The frequencies of certain sounds act like tuning forks for the human body. Each frequency resonates with a different body part, as well as different emotional states. When the body receives a sound at the right frequency, the energy from it transfers to your body and lines it up to the vibration it needs to heal.

This provides a number of benefits, from healing physical conditions, aiding mental clarity, and even helping you sleep!
Looking for examples? Well, a 285 hz frequency is just right to signal cells and tissues to heal, aiding with cuts and bruises. Meanwhile, 639 hz matches the vibration of the heart, and 432 hz is said to heighten perception and mental clarity, helping you focus.

Debbie Johnson uses healing frequencies in her Healing Music and Guided Meditations to enhance the healing benefits. In this Healing Music, she combines Crystal Bowls that resonate with certain chakras with healing frequencies. In addition, she uses healing frequencies such as 432hz and 528hz in her Guided Meditations to maximize the purpose of the meditations. Visit the mp3 page to check out her wide selection of healing music.

Relax with a Guided Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the most commonly known form of spiritual healing, with many practicing it around the world. And now you can too, with professional help, in your own home, with Debbie Johnson’s Guided Meditation.

Meditation comes with a wide variety of benefits. It is a way of training your mind to be more aware of your surroundings, as well as your inner self. It is a way of learning to truly focus your thoughts. This in turn, promotes positive thoughts (thus increasing your confidence in yourself), reduces stress, helps you learn to control anxiety, improve sleep, and even control pain and fight memory loss.

Not everyone is sure on how to go about proper meditation, however. That’s why many people consult professional meditation guides or take meditation classes. If you’ve looking for the benefits of a professional, guided meditation, while remaining in the comfort of your own home, on the flexibility of your schedule, Debbie Johnson’s Guided Meditation MP3s can be used as needed.

Meditation can help with a number of things, but no session is a one-size-fits all for all problems. That’s why Debbie has a wide variety of different session types, for all types of situations and ailments. Visit the Guided Meditation of the mp3 page.

Treat Your Anxiety with REIKI

Though the practice of Reiki has been steadily growing, many are still unsure about what it really is. Reiki is often known as energy healing, dealing with fields of universal energy (called qi, or “chi”) around the body. Reiki has been around for thousands of years, but started to take its modern shape in Japan during the late 1800s. This practice is known to reduce stress and pain, speed healing, and induce relaxation. Therefore, it is useful in treating not only physical, but also mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression, by helping you calm your nerves and achieve peace.

What Is Reiki?

Energy Healing is used for improving the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki practitioners are able to channel a type of universal energy known as qi. Qi is a lifeforce of energy that surrounds us all, even flowing through us. A healthy field of qi is able to flow freely through and around you. However, sometimes, during stress or illness, these energy fields become blocked within us, and cannot flow. Reiki practitioners therefore use their skills to release this block, which in turn has healing effects.

What Happens During A Reiki Session?

A Reiki session will take place in a peaceful setting to aid with relaxation. Sessions can be anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the preference and ailment of the patient. During this time, the patient will lie clothed on a table, and the practitioner will lightly place their hands on or just above certain parts of the body, drawing out the energy. This will usually last 2 to 5 minutes before the practitioner moves onto the next spot. That is why Reiki is also often known as “hands-on healing”.


Health Benefits

The benefits of Reiki are wide ranging, helping to develop emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. This makes Reiki an ideal treatment for anxiety, as well as other mental illnesses, as the practice induces a deep sense of relaxation, which helps people to cope with various difficulties and relieve emotional stress.

Stay posted, for information on reiki availability.  For questions, email


***Readings serve as guidance. It is ultimately up to you what you choose to do with the information. For LEGAL purposes, readings serve as entertainment only. All medical and psychological questions should also be directed to professionals in those fields. Debbie Johnson is not responsible for the decisions you ultimately make, but simply offers guidance from the spirit. There are no refunds available for readings.***