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Ok here we go- this is hard to put into words, but I feel if I explain what I see during acommunication from the other side, it will help those of you understand your own visits from your loved ones.

When a soul starts to communicate from behind the veil, my vision splits. I see the real world and my desk and my window, but I also see a whole other “screen” somewhat to the side of the “earthly screen”. So I’ll call them “heavenly screen” and “earth screen”. Imagine seeing out the window while you’re watching a television in front of the window.

I also feel as if I’m dreaming, but I know I’m awake and have no concept of time when both “screens” are playing. My ears hear the same way. I hear the voice on the phone along with my own voice, but then there is another “speaker” over to the right side of me with a voice from the heavens.

That same soul will often begin to show what they see through their eyes in the “heavenly screen”, so I stop seeing them for a moment and see what they see!

The room around them, the colors and objects they are near as they are within 8 feet of their family member. The “heavenly screen” will sometimes show memories of visual pictures for me to relay of their favorite times- I feel they do this to confirm who they are. The screen will continue to interchange from my vision of them, their vision, and images they want to share several times. It’s as if the “heavenly screen” has different windows to open.

Honestly, the whole thing feels dreamlike and then I can feel them leave and the pictures stop and the “earth screen” is all I see…

Have you felt this way?

But thought you made it up?

The Angels say you didn’t…

It was real.

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