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Songs in My Head

By Debbie Johnson

I know everyone talks about songs getting stuck in their head… but when you’re a medium
it’s a whole different experience!

The songs spirit plays in my head are usually nothing I have heard lately or ever.

First I have to figure out, is this song for me or someone else? And sometimes that can take
weeks. But I will continue to hear the song in my mind until the real message comes through…

Just like this…I heard a rock song in my head for 2 days straight- one I had not heard in 20
years. It made absolutely no sense why this song was playing over and over so I just wrote it
off… Then 2 weeks later while I was working, a client had a visit from the other side and that
song played in their reading- it was for them and made perfect sense to them. I haven’t heard
the song in my head since,

Loved ones on the other side will use songs to communicate with us- they will use songs we
know and songs with a message and songs they loved. They will just pop in your mind without
effort. And then begin to repeat….

Until you figure out who is sending the song

ANGELS will put songs in our head to send a message to us- they usually time it so perfectly
we hear it right when we need to hear it, and what we need to hear it.

What song is in your head?

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