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My experience with Debbie Johnson, a medium

By Palm Beach Moms

It was a busy day, I was meeting up with a group of ladies on Worth Avenue for a tour, then enough time for lunch and a few conferences calls and then the evening tour.  I was excited because life with 3 kids and work had been busy to say the least and I was looking forward to seeing some adult friends!

As the morning tour wrapped up a lady who had organized the tour, and knew nothing about me offered a spot to see Debbie in an hour.  Apparently her appointment at that time had canceled so it was mine if I wanted it?  Did I want it?  I had some work to catch up on…  I decided what the heck, let’s go see what she has to say.  I didn’t not have any burning questions but always try to keep an open mind.

As soon as you see Debbie she seems almost other worldly.  She has the clear bright blue eyes and perfect skin that seems to glow.  With a warm smile she asked my name and offered me a seat.  She didn’t ask me anything – just explained what she would be doing – saying a prayer then letting me know what comes to her through angels.  Debbie says a prayer out loud asking that only healing and positive information be shared.  Sounded good to me.  Afterwards she shared that she knew she had this grift from an early age.  It was a winding road to find her way to share her purpose but I am so glad she did!

Then she begins:  “School, a decision of changing schools and a little bit of chaos.  Someone in heaven knows that and the decision was right.  They want to comfort you and let you know you made the right decision.”

Woah.  If you know me personally I have spent the last 18 months looking at every school option to make sure my 3 very different kids get what they need.  We would find the perfect fit and make a FINAL decision, only to have something spur us to change again.  Just recently we made the final deposits for all 3 kids but I had really really been second guessing one of the decisions to the point that I was researching home schooling.

She continued with other details about things in my life that there was NO way you could find out even if she did have time to ask friends about me, google, me, whatever.  Everything else she said was spot on…  except she kept saying she saw Pennsylvania…  so let’s see about that!  You never know!

Give it a try – we can’t wait to hear what you think!

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