I See Things, I Hear Things

I spend my days talking and communicating with loved ones of others on the other side. As a child, I spent my days trying to figure out what I was seeing and hearing and what the heck was going on! I think I still do that, I’m always curious and always want to know… That being said, in my daily work I see such peace come from loved ones on the other side and over here too as they connect. I can feel it too, I can feel the emotional shift when someone says what they want to say. I learn and feel something new everyday. After doing this work for many years, and over all message is coming through. “If we don’t say what we need to say while we are alive, we will spend so much energy on the other-side trying to say it.”

When someone is crossing over, there is so much wrestling emotionally and so much negotiating going on- whether the person is conscious or unconscious. They will be arguing with loved ones who they didn’t resolve an issue with who are already on the other side, they will be trying to have the courage to say something to the loved one’s over here, if they are able to communicate and even if they are not. If it gets said, crossing over is so peaceful and they go directly to the light. If it does not, the soul will often become stuck and restless trying to convey the message they didn’t get to say or didn’t want to say before crossing. I see this time and time again and I also see and feel the release that happens when it’s all “said” and done. My point it is, we who are here and alive can learn so much from this. We must say our truth, we must live our truth. We must say what we need to say to those we love- NOW. Holding it in and not relaying it while we are alive only causes more issues for us on the other side and our loved ones who are still here. It can also cause health and emotional issues in the physical body, it doesn’t go away… Trust me I see it all the time.

I love how sweet the Angels are… use them to help you say something now your heart is telling you, you need to say. They will give you a loving way to express it. Use them to help you have the courage to live your truth- with love. Do it now, while you are here and alive! Otherwise, you will spend your time on the other side trying to do it and believe me it’s a lot harder from over there.

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