Dream State

It can feel like a dream when heaven talks to you.

Seriously, one of my profound memories of a visit from my maternal Grandmother when I was in my 20’s, she had passed recently. I had just moved to a new area in a place all by myself for the first time and I was a little scared. I was exhausted from unpacking and scared to sleep at the same time, then suddenly I heard my grandma’s voice in my head say “you’re gonna be alright.” Honestly I thought I made it up, I was so tired and felt like I was delirious! But then, I heard it again but differently, “Don’t worry, you’re gonna be alright.”

I know I’m a medium, but at the time, I was not working as one and was definitely not intending to contact anyone. I want to share this because I know many of you have had an experience like this, not trying to be a medium, but hearing something in your head that you think you’re just making up. But this is how it is! This is the way it will come to all of us when our loved ones are able to connect this way.

Angels do this too- They put songs in your mind, thoughts in your mind, – you’ll feel like you’re making it all up- but you’re not. This is how communication from the other side works- through our consciousness, through daydreams, through dreams and so on.

It actually still feels that way to me, the volume isn’t louder for me, I still feel like I’m in a dream state listening to all of this. But I have learned, it’s ALL REAL.

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