Sleep with the Angels

If you are like me, a dream can feel so real. You wake up and wonder what did that mean? One dream in particular can be very upsetting if you’ve had it- I have- a dream that someone you love dies. The first thing that runs through our minds is- is that real? Is that going to happen? The Angels say in this case, no, not at all! In fact it’s good- that person will live a longer life than expected. It usually means they have had a transformation both spiritually and physically for the better and will live longer.

Now there is a dream that represents someone crossing over… you will have a very vivid dream that all of your teeth crumble out of your mouth. I have had this dream twice in my life. Both times, a family member crossed over shortly after the dream. This dream can mean, most of the time, that someone will cross over soon.

I like to ask the Angels to protect my dreams at night- it really helps me make more sense out of them all- you could try it too. There is a wisdom and connection we can access in them- if we sleep with the Angels watching over us.

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