Why Do We Get Our Best Ideas in the Shower?

New Blog 9/19/2023
By Medium Debbie Johnson

I hear things like this all the time…
“I was on a boat and I thought I felt my Mom who passed next to me…”
“I was walking on the beach and felt like my husband in heaven was
walking beside me…”
“I was taking a shower and swore I heard my best friend who passed call
my name!”
What do all of these experiences have in common?
Water makes the veil to the other side thinner.
When we are in or around bodies of water, it’s easier to connect to the
other side.
This is one way our loved ones and Angels get through to us.
Angels will often give us downloads in or near the water.
When we are in the shower, we are usually relaxed because the water is a
way to clear our energy field.
All in all this makes a perfect combo of why some of our best ideas come
through in the shower!

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