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What is a Medium?

A medium is someone who has access to souls who have passed to the
other side. The ways a medium can access a loved one can differ. Some
can see them, some can hear them, some can feel them and some can
even become them for a short time – and even talk like them!

Most mediums have had this skill from a young age- it seems to be a gift
more than a learned task.

Now when we talk about the other side, there are not just human souls
who are there. Heaven has a lot going on. There are loved ones, pets,
spirit guides, and Angels. Some mediums can specialize in one or more of
these beings.

Keep in mind all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.
Mediums are mediators between heaven and earth. They can enter a
trance of sorts but still be awake to tap into the spirit realm. Most psychics
are not able to tap into the spirit realm.

What makes Debbie Johnson of Angelic Messages different, is that she is
not only a psychic medium, she has the ability to connect to the Angelic
Realm. Angels are beings in the spirit realm who have not had a human
existence. She also states that most of her psychic ability and information
comes from what loved ones tell her and what the Angels say.

She primarily hears them with a gift called clairaudience. She can also see
what they see while she is communicating with them. She can see what
colors are in the room and some objects and people during a session. She
can see and hear Archangels and hear healing frequencies that come from
the other side. The frequencies can come through her voice and the
energy of the connection to spirit which can bring healing to the listener.

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