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How Healing Frequencies Work

Sound has been used to heal wounds, control crowds, help you sleep and relieve Studies of sound have found it to heal faster than the human touch. So how does it work?

The frequencies of sound are like tuning forks for the human Each frequency resonates with a different part of the body and emotional states. The body receives the sound, energy transfers and begins to line up to the same vibration.

Here are some examples:

The 285 hz frequency signals cells and tissues to heal.

432hz is said to heighten perception and mental clarity.

528hz frequency heals DNA,

639hz is the vibration of the heart.

963hz activates the pineal gland.

Debbie Johnson uses healing frequencies in her Healing Music and Guided Meditations to enhance the healing benefits. In the Healing Music she combines Crystal Bowls that resonate with certain chakras with healing frequencies. In addition, she uses healing frequencies such as 432hz and 528hz in her Guided Meditations to maximize the purpose of the meditations.

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