Heavenly Vision

I spend about 7 hours a day working with loved ones on the “other-side” and I learn something new every day.

Who do I learn from?

Your loved ones.

I am continually fascinated with what they see.

They are able to see the future of their loved ones here. They actually see what is coming for you, and tell me what they see. It appears that once a soul has ascended into the light, the veil is no longer there.

They are able to see the energy of love leave the body and who it is heading toward. Some are able to see an aerial view of all of their loved ones at once, and even be with them all at once.

They are able to see your soul and know if you are really happy and if not, they see what would make you happy.

They are able to see new life before it arrives, they know way before we do that a baby is on the way.

I call them “human angels”, because our loved ones get angelic abilities and like the Archangels, their purpose is to help and above all love.
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