Heavenly Senses

At least once a day I see a frustrated loved one on the other side who has been trying to get through to their beloved, and they have no idea.

We on the other hand, are waiting and hoping to hear from them the whole time they are trying!

So I wanted to explain what seems to happen to the senses when we get to the other side. The best way to say it is they feel backwards. Or opposite… what’s relied on the most to communicate in this realm becomes the least accessible over there.

We might me waiting to hear them or see them, but instead they have been flickering the engine light in your car, making the chandelier in the dining room blink or causing your phone not work.

They may not be able to speak, but they will draw letters or show pictures.

They may not be able to be seen, but they’ll move objects they know we see. (This takes a lot of energy to do by the way!)

They may not be able to hug you, but they can jump in a bird or butterfly for a moment to visit you.

In order to receive messages from them, I have to change my senses to receive them. I become more aware of what I feel in order to receive messages. Also I have to let go of my mind’s need for logic and order to make sense of it all. It seems sometimes that my senses feel backwards, because theirs do.

But the beauty is that in the end, once the message is finally received, the heavenly senses do make sense.
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