Crossing Over

Loved ones are so precious. We miss them when they go. Even though I can see my loved ones after they cross, I understand the pain of not having them in my day to day life. That being said, I have had a lot of questions about that process. Here are some of the things I have learned by working as a medium every day.

When a soul will cross over is never directly answered by the Angels. They say the soul is in negotiation up until the time of passing- so it is impossible to determine. One thing I do see in common is around 5-6 days of someone passing an Angel will hover directly over the body. Within inches the aura of the Angel blends with the aura of the physical body. I usually hear that the person passes within a week of seeing that.

“What happens to a soul when it crosses over?” Is a question I’m often asked. I have to say it gets answered in different ways by the loved one’s that appear in my daily sessions. Here are some explanations, but there is always more to learn. They say they have no recognition of any pain, they describe sudden death very much like a black out. A lot of times they will see themselves above themselves, they often feel as if they are completely alive and are full of joy. They will often appear young and the age they thought they were at their best.

The Angels explain this, when a soul crosses over it has a choice to go to the light and begin a replay of their entire life’s journey and feel what they did to everyone they affected- so as to have complete empathy- I call this “processing”. Depending on what needs to heal on a soul level they can be here for a while. If some part of their ego chooses to stay “earthbound” they will remain stuck in a pattern of thought, sometimes worrying or trying to replay something they want to undo. They can also remain “earthbound” due to addictions or attachments to loved ones. These souls with Angelic assistance can be released and brought to the light as well and begin their processing.

I feel like there is a lot more to learn about this as I go.

One thing I do know for sure, a soul’s work is never done.

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