Can they see me in the shower?!

When I first started seeing spirits on the other side, I was so amazed by seeing them, that at first, it didn’t cross my mind to think they can see me. Then one day I realized- Wait! They can see me! Can they see me naked in my shower? Are they watching my every move? Are they watching me in my bedroom?

This began to make to feel uncomfortable with visits from my Grandma and my father and got very embarrassed and less excited about this gift. I had already surpassed all of the religious conflict I grew up with when I had this realization, but this was a new one… I once again asked the Angels to help me understand. And of course begged them, if you guys want me to do this – I don’t want them seeing me naked!

About six months later the answer came through from doing readings for others. Their loved ones would come through, I could feel the amount of love they would bring to them and I could see what they saw through their eyes on the other side, they saw colors- perhaps a shirt color or object color nearby, but the main thing they focused on was the state of the loved one’s soul. Were they happy? Were they ok? The physical body was so irrelevant to them from the other side. They were more concerned with the level of joy the loved one was experiencing. This is how they “see” us Archangel Gabriel made me understand in prayer. They see the state of our soul. They see our lives from up above and see if there is anything they may need to help us with.
You see our loved ones “see” us with “Angel eyes”.

So, good new to those of you getting visits- you don’t have to run and get dressed!

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